Ali (album)
Mike G
Released April 13, 2010
Recorded 2009–10
Length Unknown
Label Self-released
Producer Tyler, The Creator, Left Brain, Syd tha Kyd
Ali is the second official mixtape by Odd Future member Mike G. It was released as a free digital download on the Odd Future website. The album features production from fellow Odd Future members Tyler, The Creator, Left Brain, as well as Syd tha Kyd. Vince Staples,Earl Sweatshirt and MellowHype are also featured on the album.

Track listing Edit

No. Title Producer(s) Length
1. "OKMikeG"   Tyler, The Creator 1:38
2. "Timeless" (featuring Tyler, The Creator) Left Brain 3:11
3. "Moracular World" (featuring Vince Staples) Syd tha Kyd & Left Brain 3:59
4. "Stick Up" (featuring Earl Sweatshirt & Taco Bennett) Syd tha Kyd 6:02
5. "ThatNiggaTajSpeaks"      2:25
6. "Brown Bag ('04 FTA)"   Syd tha Kyd 3:43
7. "BlaccFriday" (featuring MellowHype & Tyler, The Creator) Left Brain 3:58
8. "King"   Syd tha Kyd 3:07
9. "Crazy"   Left Brain 2:48

Notes[edit] Edit

  • On tracks "Timeless" & "BlaccFriday", Tyler is credited as Wolf Haley.
  • "Brown Bag ('04 FTA)" contains uncredited vocals from Vince Staples.