goldUn Child is the second studio album from American rapper and producer Brandun DeShay. It was released November 19, 2015 on DeShay's own Seven7Ceven Music label. It is DeShay's first release following a 4 year hiatus after DeShay's first album. The album is completely produced by DeShay himself.

Background Edit

In 2011, DeShay released his debut album All Day DeShay: AM which was well received by fans and critics, DeShay began working closely as a producer from rappers such as Mac Miller, Sir Michael Rocks, SZA, Joey Badass, CJ Fly, Chance The Rapper, Ken Rebel and more, however he kept his features at a minimum. In 2012, he released the song "TAKI 183 (Bus Shots)" which many fans believed would appear on his next album but was later revealed to be an ode to the legendary graffiti artist Taki 183.[1] In 2013, he began hinting at a new project called "goldUn child DeShay" and began releasing instrumental mixtapes. In April 2014, DeShay released his song "Had 'Em All" and stated that the song would appear on goldUn child. He also stated that goldUn child would be a EP instead of an album but later changed it back to a album. For the rest of the year and in early 2015, he continued to released numerous song and on November 10, 2015, he revealed that the album would be released November 19 of 2015.

Track list Edit

All tracks are produced by Brandun DeShay, except where noted. [2]

No. Title Producer(s) Length
1. "a goldUn Prayer/a goldUn Morning"   Brandun DeShay 4:35
2. "Celebrate"   Brandun DeShay 3:50
3. "Had Em All"   Brandun DeShay 3:05
4. "Chi-bUya/Osaka Pride"   Brandun DeShay, Don Kevo 5:14
5. "Tokyo/a goldUn Ballad ( featuring Jordan Bratton)"   Brandun DeShay 4:35
6. "I Love It"   Brandun Deshay, Mike Hector 2:33
7. "a goldUn Evening"   Brandun DeShay   
8. "yUng N' On Da ComeUp"   Brandun DeShay 2:25
9. "Long Time, No See"   Brandun DeShay 2:11
10. "a goldUn Night"   Brandun DeShay 2:41
11. "Letter To God"   Brandun DeShay 3:43