Jack Mushroom
Vital statistics
Position Former Member of Odd Future
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Jack Mushroom was a former and youngest member of Odd Future. As of 2015 he still raps Golf Wang, he also works with theCreative Bunch and Skoolie 300.

Discography Edit

"Stranger" (2011) (UNRELEASED)

Confirmed tracks include "Hitler" and "Pegasus"

"+1up" (2011) (UNRELEASED)

01 One Up

02 Niloahs

03 Eraser

04 Ugopatamia

05 Pegasus

06 Morgue (feat. Trizz)

07 The Lamb

"One Up" (2012)
01 Welcome (prod. Cobra Status)

02 Brotherly Love (feat. Skoolie 300) (prod. Tyler, The Creator)

03 Far Far Away (prod. Cobra Status)

04 Cloud High (prod. Tyler, The Creator)

05 Don't Give A Funk (feat. Tank KTA) (prod. DJ Cashy)

06 This World (prod. Cobra Status)

07 Epod (prod. StereoHype)

08 Acid (prod. StereoHype)

09 Journey (prod. Cobra Status)

10 Spaceship (prod. Cobra Status)

"300Shroomz" (2012) (UNRELEASED)

"DIRTBAG" (2015)

  • [Intro] Insert Name Here (prod. Albert Fishead)
  • DIRT! (prod. Albert Fishead)
  • Freeman 126th St
  • OMFG (prod. Tommy Avery)
  • Mr Pickles (prod. Tommy Avery)
  • DIRTBAG (prod. The H.N.I.C)
  • [Outro] Quickstop