Season 3 (2014) Edit

Loiter Squad season 3 episodes
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22 1 "Sweet Chin Music" May 15, 2014
The guys take it to another level with Blake Anderson; Jasper shows off his cooking skills.
23 2 "Figure Four Leg Lock" May 22, 2014
The dangers of drug use in the workplace are explored; Seth Rogen gets advice from Tyler.
24 3 "Sharpshooter" May 29, 2014
Earl searches for a roommate; Lionel shares some insight.
25 4 "Walls of Jericho" June 5, 2014
Young Nigga premieres his new video at a press conference.
26 5 "Rock Bottom; People's Elbow" June 12, 2014
Catchphrase Jones returns; family and friends have a funeral.
27 6 "Stone Cold Stunner" June 19, 2014
Lionel and Jasper wrestle tigers; Maurice helps Mac Miller combat his phobias.
28 7 "Razor's Edge" June 26, 2014
The guys audition for roles in a movie; Left Brain has questions for people on the streets.
29 8 "Pedigree" July 3, 2014
Tatiana's sleepover goes awry; Taco learns a lesson.
30 9 "Tombstone" July 10, 2014
Taco becomes the smartest man in the world thanks to his sister Syd tha Kyd; the guys put on the greatest show of their lives.
31 10 "Bronco Buster" July 17, 2014
Lionel has a new sweat suit; Tyler gets friendly with an older woman.