Odd Future Unreleased Vol. 1
Odd Future
Released Aug 2011
Recorded Unknown
Length Unknown
Label Odd Future Talk
Producer Tyler, Left Brain, Weird Eye, Syd, Beat Boys, J Hawk, Beats4Clothes
Odd Future Unreleased Volume 1 is the first compilation of Unreleased tracks by Odd Future hosted by Odd Future Talk

Track List Edit

01 Hodgy Beats – This Is My Life (Produced by J Hawk)

02 Jedi – Secret Garden (Produced by Tyler, The Creator)

03 Syd – Yes Ma'am (Instrumental)

04 Blak Tha Map – Dope Dealers (featuring Tyler, The Creator)

05 Krys$hun – Dream Away (Produced by Tyler, The Creator)

06 Hodgy Beats – Diggin In My Pockets (Produced by BeatBoy)

07 Mike G – The Routine (featuring MyLo X & LooFy) (Produced by Weird Eye)

08 Dana La Rock! – Electrify (featuring Three-1-Zero) (Produced by Left Brain)

09 Syd – PB&J (Instrumental)

10 J Hawk – Summa Luv (featuring Tyler, The Creator & Hodgy Beats)

11 Skoolie ThreeHundred – Hello (Produced by Tyler, The Creator)

12 Syd – Sample (Instrumental)

13 MellowHype – Fuckery

14 Tyler, The Creator – Auto Tuned (featuring Hodgy Beats) (Produced by Syd)

15 The Super 3 – Untitled (Instrumental)

16 Hodgy Beats – Money In The Future (Produced by Beats4Clothes)