The Dena Tape
Hodgy Beats The Dena Tape-front-large
Hodgy Beays
Released July 7, 2009
Recorded 2009
Length Unknown
Label Odd Future
Producer Hodgy Beats
The Dena Tape is a album by Hodgy Beats

Track listing Edit

No. Title Producer(s) Length
1. Tapetro
2. Blame It
3. Chris Sawyer
4. Rolex
5. Biscuits
6. Change It Up
7. Customized Greatly
8. Ignorant Shit
9. Claustroflowbic
10. Memorex Cds
11. Contrasting Swaggg
12. Speed Racer
13. Black Magic
14. Work That Shit
15. Pink Magic
16. April Fools
17. Cannon
18. The Love
19. Skinny Rapper
20. Pink Leather Intestines
21. Sorry

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