The Story Of Marsha Lotus
Hal Williams (Pyramid Vritra)
Released Sep 10, 2012
Recorded 2011
Length Unknown
Label Stroll On / 360 Degree Music Ltd.
Producer Pyramid Vritra
The Story Of Marsha Lotus is a solo Album by Hal Williams (Pyramid Vritra) that was Released: Sep 10, 2012

Track listing Edit

No. Title Artist Length
1. The Story of Marsha Lotus Pyramid Vritra 14:58
2. Enlightenment Pyramid Vritra 5:18
3. Walter Flower's Technicolor Pyra Pyramid Vritra 18:15
4. Blu Diamonds Pyramid Vritra 2:01
5. Surround Pyramid Vritra 3:42
6. Untitled Pyramid Vritra 5:33