The Super D3Shay EP
brandUn DeShay & The Super 3
Released 2009
Recorded 2009
Length Unknown
Label Self Release
Producer brandUn DeShay and The Super 3
The Super D3Shay EP is collab EP from BrandUn DeShay and The Super 3 aka The Jet Age of Tomorrow

Track Listing Edit

1. Intro (I Want Eargasms) [Prod. The Super 3]

2. Radio Love [Prod. The Super 3]

3. The Last Martians [Prod. The Super 3]

4. Play It Safe [Prod. brandUn DeShay]

5. Searching For [Prod. The Super 3]

6. Interlude (Bad Day) [Prod. The Super 3]

7. We Were [Prod. brandUn DeShay/The Super 3]

8. Where Is Home [Prod. The Super 3]

9. Outro (Sign Off) [Prod. The Super 3]

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