Voyager is the first album by The Jet Age of Tomorrow

Jet Age of Tomorrow
Released April,20, 2010
Recorded 2010
Length Unknown
Label Self Release
Producer Jet Age of Tomorrow

Track Listing Edit

  • 1.Welcome Aboard Voyager
  • 2.Can I Hold Your Hand !
  • 3.Friday
  • 4.Jet Age of Tomorrow - But She's Not My Lover (Explicit)
  • 5.Dont Tell The Mermaids
  • 6.Rapido Eye Movement
  • 7.Revenge Of The Ranger Wranglers
  • 8.The Knight Hawk
  • 9.Hercules Cup
  • 10.Orange Juice Simpson
  • 11.Strobe Light
  • 12.My Good Girl
  • 13.They Dove Through The Ice Into The Unfathomable Depths Of The Abyss
  • 14.Submarine
  • 15.Lisa, Where Have You Been
  • 16.EUROPA (Bonus)