Young Nigga
Young Nigga
Vital statistics
Position Member of Odd Future
Age 24
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Young Nigga is Tyler, the Creator's Alter Ego and rapper featured on Odd Future's show, Loiter Squad


Not much is known about Young Nigga, except for the fact that he is a part of Odd Future and is working on his new album, Expensive Pasta. Young Nigga was signed to Odd Future Records soon after Loiter Squad was launched, and is Tyler, The Creator in a wig. His name is also appearantly “Dyrell”. He currently resides with most of Odd Future in Los Angeles.


  • Come Threw Looking Clean (Single) (TBA)
  • Expensive Pasta (Album) (TBA)
  • I Just Bought a Bugatti (I'm Happy) (Single) (2014)

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